Capture a Cloud: A 4-Day ACTr Intensive

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    What would it be like to try and capture a cloud? How would you even conceive of this? Clouds are so far away – and they’re huge. You can fly through them in an airplane, but that just speaks to their non-capturability. They’re made of water vapor.

If you think about it, that’s a lot like private events – thoughts, emotions, memories, and bodily sensations. We do a lot of things covertly, but capturing these in an applied context has never been the domain of applied behavior analysis. They’ve been like clouds…. Until now.

In this workshop, you will learn how to capture private events – the subtle behavior that Skinner said was in principle no different from overt behavior – in applied contexts.

This is a hands-on workshop. We will teach you a unified approach to using ACTr that can be scaled to fit the needs of autistic people, parents, siblings, and staff.

Our approach is ABA – we target socially important, observable behavior that can be measured. We teach practitioners to rely on direct contingency management strategies first. If these do not result in criterion levels of behavior change, and if the person being supported can talk to themselves in ways that mask the contingencies of reinforcement, then ACTr might help. Capture a Cloud is a 4-day training in which participants engage in behavior skills training (rationale, model, rehearse, feedback) for each of the integral component skills leading to a composite repertoire before moving to the next set of component repertoires.

Day 1:

– Historic findings that led to ACT
– Six Repertoires
– Scope of Practice

Day 2:

– ACTr Functional Assessment
– The ACTr Matrix

Day 3:

– Therapeutic Alliance
– Classic ACTr Interventions
– Enhanced Classic ACTr Interventions
– Catching Metaphors in Flight
– 10-Step ACTr Task Analysis
– Hexa-Dancing 1

Day 4:

– Hexa-Dancing 2
– Assessment & Intervention: From Components to Composites
– Contingency Contracting


Tom Szabo, PhD., BCBA-D, LBA
Brianna Z. Kauer, MS, BCBA
Kendra Thomson, PhD., BCBA-D
Jonathan Tarbox, PhD., BCBA-D


Denisha Gingles, MS, LGPC, BCBA, LBA
Enasha Anglade, MA, BCBA
Louis Busch, MEd, BCBA, RP
Madison Dirickson, MS, BCBA
Tyler-Curtis C. Elliott, MEd, BCBA



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